When an Operator requests a Quote from their Project Plan, it will come in as an Inbound Request to the Providers included on the Quote Request.

How to Review & Respond to Inbound Quotes

To review an Inbound Request, navigate to the ‘Orders’ page. You can find all of your Inbound Requests at the top of the page under the ‘Inbound Request’ section. Requests can be filtered by Network Contact at the top of the page.

Inbound Requests that you have already sent Quotes to have the Status of ‘Waiting for Response’, indicating that your Quote is awaiting review from the Operator.

The Inbound Requests that need your attention have a Status of ‘Requested’ and are marked with ‘Decline’ and ‘Send Quote’ buttons.

Selecting ‘Decline’ will reject the Quote Request. You have the option to include a "Reason for Declining" where you can communicate why you declined the Inbound Request. Again, this is optional and you can reject a Quote Request without providing a Reason for Declining.

To begin the response process, click on the row of the Inbound Request to which you wish to respond.

Here, you can either decline the Quote Request or click 'Review Quote' to begin the response process.

After clicking 'Review Quote', you will be taken to the Quote Request details page. Here you can see the details of the Quote Request, such as the requesting Operator as well as the quote due by date, type, dates, locations, and specific attributes of the requested Listing.

To respond to the Quote Request, you will need to add Rates as necessary. How to list rates will vary depending on the type of request.

  • Rentals: Multiple rate options can be shown, if needed. Additional rate options can be found by selecting the '+ Add Rate Option' icon.

  • Consumables: Only a single rate option is shown. Select the option you would like to use by clicking the dropdown box next to the rate field. 'Other' can be selected if a suitable option is not listed. If chosen, type in the name of the rate.

  • Services: A single rate option is shown, and should be entered as the rate subtotal instead of an individual rate.

Rates should be entered as the cost for one unit. Weekly Rate is based on 7 days and Monthly Rate is based on 30 days. Calculation of rates are as follows:

  • Rentals = (Quantity x Rate/Day) x Total Days

  • Services = (Rate/Hour) x Total Hours

  • Consumables = Quantity x Unit Rate

If any Additional Fees are needed, click ‘Add a Fee’ and enter them here. Additional Fees can be added in the form of a Flat Fee or a Percentage Fee. Any fees will be added to the total rate amount.

Documents can also be uploaded to Quote Request, but should be used as a supplement to quote details already listed.

Drag and drop or upload documents from your computer to the Quote Documents section.

Payment Terms are automatically set at 30 days but can be adjusted if needed. You can also select a 'Quote Expires' date to communicate to the requesting Operator. In addition, you can check the 'Sales Tax Exempt' box if an item is exempt from sales tax.

Once complete, click ‘Send’ to send your response back to the Operator for review.

After hitting 'Send', you will be taken to the summary page of your response to the Inbound Request.

You can track the progress of an Inbound Request at any time in the 'Inbound Request' section under the 'Orders' page in the main toolbar.

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