The Operator’s Outbound Request is updated once the Provider responds to the Quote Request.

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View Outbound Quotes

Navigate to the ‘Orders’ page to review the response. Under the ‘Outbound Requests’ section, pending Outbound Requests are marked with a ‘Review Quotes’ button. Requests can be filtered by either Network Contact or Projects at the top of the page. Click on ‘Review Quotes’ to view responses to your request.

The Quote Request page shows the status of each Quote Request sent (if multiple were sent). A new Quote will say ‘New!’ and have a price listed.

From here, you can either immediately accept or decline the offer using the drop down menu, or you can click on ‘New!’ to review more details about the specific Quote.

Add Providers to Quote Requests

If you'd like to send more Quote Requests for your requested product, you can do so right from the Quote Request page. By clicking on the 'Include other providers from your network' dropdown, you can select providers from your Network and send additional request for quotes to them.

You can also send additional Quote Requests to providers who match your criteria, but might be outside of your Network. Clicking 'Select More Providers to Get More Quotes' will show you additional providers that meet your request criteria. Toggle the checkmark next to the providers who you'd like to receive quotes from, and click 'Send Requests'.

Cancel Quote Request

If needed, you have the option to cancel a Quote Request. To do so, select 'Cancel Request' in the top right corner.

A message can be sent to providers that received the request notifying why it is being cancelled. Click 'Cancel Request?' to confirm.

Once cancelled, the Quote Request will no longer show on the Outbound Requests page.

Replay Quote Request

A Quote Request can be duplicated by "replaying" a request. This Replay Request is a new RFQ sent to the same vendors and location as the initial request. Select 'Replay Request' in the top right corner.

Enter the dates and quantity requested. The providers that will receive the replayed request will be shown below. Click 'Get Quotes' to send.

Review & Respond to Quotes

When you're ready to review the Outbound Request, click 'New!' to be brought to the Quote details page.

The Quote details page lists an estimated order cost summary, along with any rates and fees that apply. The Quote Expiration date, if applicable, can be found here as well. Terms will also be listed at the bottom of the page, as well as the estimated total. If the Provider has attached any Documents to the response, they will appear on the right-hand side.

Once reviewed, you can either click ‘Decline’ to decline the Quote Request, or click ‘Accept’ to process the Quote. Selecting ‘Decline’ will reject the Quote Request. You have the option to include a "Reason for Declining" where you can communicate why you declined the Outbound Request. Again, this is optional and you can reject a Quote Request without providing a Reason for Declining.

If you accept a Quote, you can input any internal notes related to the order. These are internal and will not be shared with the provider. After accepting the Quote, it immediately creates an associated Order. To view this Order, click on the Order number link at the bottom of the Quote page.

You can also navigate to the newly-created Order under the Orders section.

To learn more about Orders and Quotes, check out these help center articles:

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