Under the Plan section of a specific Project, you can organize and plan the equipment and services your Project needs along every Phase.

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Create & Add Phases

To create and add Phases to a Plan:

Step 1: Select Phase

On the Project Details page, click on 'Plan' in the secondary menu on the left-hand side. Click the 'Create a Phase' button and select the Phase you'd like to add to your Project Plan.

Step 2: Add Dates

Select the start and end dates for the Phase.

You're now ready to add Items to your newly-created Phase.

To add another Phase to your Plan, click the '+ Phase' button at the top of the page and select a Phase. Then add your start and end dates.

Add Items to Phases

There are two ways you can add Items to Phases. You can either use the 'Type an Item Name...' box or the Catalog.

To add an Item to a Phase using the 'Type an Item Name...' box:

Begin typing the name of the Item you'd like to add to your Plan's Phase in the 'Type an Item Name...' box at the top of the Plan Item list. Items will begin to auto-populate.

Once you've found the Item you need, click on it to add the Item to your Plan's Phase.

Adjust the quantity as needed. The quantity defaults to 1.

Add details by clicking the '+ Add Details' button in the 'Options' column. Click 'Save' once your relevant details are selected.

To add an Item using the Catalog:

Click on the Catalog icon in the upper-right corner of the Plan Item list.

Browse the categories and subcategories to find the Item you need.

Once you have located the Item, provide relevant details and options. Click 'Add Item' to add the Item to your Plan's Phase.

Adjust the asset quantity as needed.

Create, Edit, & Apply Templates

After you've added Items to a Phase, you can save the combination of Items as a Template to make future Plan and Phase creation even easier.

To create a Template:

Click the 'Template' dropdown button. Select 'Save as New Template...'.

Give your Template a name and click 'Save'. Now your Template is ready to use!

To edit the name or delete a Template:

Click the 'Template' dropdown button. Select 'Manage Templates...'.

Click the pencil icon to edit the Template name. Clicking the X icon will delete the Template.

To apply a Template:

Either click 'Apply Templates...' in the 'Template' dropdown button, or click the 'Apply Template' button below the Plan Item list.

Select the Template you want to apply.

Click 'Apply' to apply the Template to the Phase.

Your Template is now applied.

Request Quotes

Once Items are added, you can submit request for quotes directly from your Project Plan.

To begin the request for quote process:

Click the 'Get Quotes' button in the row of the Item for which you wish to submit a Request for Quote.

Confirm or adjust the details of the Request for Quote. The quantity, location, and the start and end dates are pulled from the Project and Phase details.

If needed, you can provide additional details to providers in the 'Message to Providers' area. You may also choose to attach documents to a Request for Quote. Drag and drop or upload files from your computer to attach them to your request.

Click 'Next' when you are ready to proceed.

Now, you will see Providers that have matching listing specifications for the Item you're looking for. Toggle the checkmark next to each Provider to which you'd like to send a Request for Quote.

Providers in your Network are marked with the Network icon.

Once you’ve selected the Providers that will receive the Request for Quote, click ‘Get Quotes’.

Note: No Matching Provider: The FieldEye platform will return provider matches based on your inputs. If there is no provider match, the FieldEye team will be notified and work outside the platform to locate a match within 24 hours.

Track Your Outbound Quote

After clicking ‘Get Quotes’, your Request for Quote will appear under the Orders page in the left-hand toolbar. You can navigate to your Outbound Quote by clicking on 'Waiting Responses' link in the 'Status' column.

Here, you can view the details of your Outbound Quote.

On the 'Outbound Requests' section under the 'Orders' page, you can track the status of all your Outbound Quotes, as well as review responses as they roll in.

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