Standalone Quotes should be created and sent to an Operator that has not yet sent a Request for Quote (aka Inbound Request) or is not on the FieldEye platform.

How to Create a Standalone Quote

From the Inbound Requests page or the Quote page, click the 'Create Quote' icon in the top right corner.

In the pop-up window, select the customer you would like to create a quote for from the dropdown list and click 'Next'.

Please note, the customer will need to already be listed as Network Contact. If they are not, navigate to your Network to add.

Search and select the asset or product you would like to create a quote for from the dropdown list under 'Select a Product'.

Select the desired attributes for the asset or product selected, and enter the quantity needed.

Under Rates, include rate options as desired. Additional options can be added by clicking '+ Add Rate Option', or options can be removed if needed.

Additional Fees can also be added by clicking '+ Add a Fee'. Enter the name of the fee and select if it is a percentage or flat fee, then enter the fee amount.

Below fees, include the start and end dates and quote expiration date, if it expires. Payment terms are adjustable, but are automatically set to 30 days.

Lastly, if any documents need to be sent along with the quote it can be attached by dragging and dropping the attachment(s) or by browsing your computer.

Once ready, click 'Send Quote' and your quote to be sent to the Operator for review.

After sending, you will be taken to the summary page of your quote.

The Operator will be notified they have received a new quote. If they do not have a FieldEye account, they will be asked to create one in order to view and respond to your quote.

You can track the progress of a Quote at any time in the 'Quote' page under the 'Orders' tab in the main toolbar.

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